The Future Of
Affiliate Marketing
Has Arrived
Blockchain-based web3 tech is already changing the world. Now it's set to revolutionize affiliate marketing and transform your business, income, and financial future.
Affiliate marketing is already a $12 billion dollar industry — and it's exploding in size.
Still, despite being responsible for 16% of ALL online orders and used by virtually every major brand or marketing-savvy company...
There is ZERO blockchain or web3 integration in any of the affiliate marketing platforms!
But that's all about to change — thanks to the launch of Affiliate DAO.
Affiliate DAO is the first-ever affiliate marketing software, technology platform and community to fully integrate web3 innovations like blockchain, NFTs, tokenization, and more.
"Every Once In A While,
A Revolutionary Product Comes
Along That Changes Everything."
Those were the words of Steve Jobs, one of the great futurists of all time — about the iPhone.
But we believe that it applies to the blockchain, web3, and the transformation of affiliate marketing.
Just imagine if you knew what you knew about web2 now... BEFORE it took over the world.
If you could take time machine back to 1999... how would you do things differently?
Would you be the first one investing in or building a presence on social networks?
Would you be the first social content creator?
This matters — because...
It's Exactly The Position You
Find Yourself In Right Now
Blockchain is one of the most important technological innovations of our lifetimes.
And now it's being applied to affiliate marketing — one of the fastest-growing and most important industries in existence — for the very first time.
This is your opportunity to get in EARLY and benefit in dozens of ways you just learned about.
From education, to growth, to your bottom line and financial future — this will change everything.
And we want to help you get there together.
Let's revolutionize this industry and prosper as a community — through Affiliate DAO.
Meet Our Web2 Mentors
Jon Benson
CEO, CopyPro and Fitology
Olivia Culpo
Miss USA & Miss Universe
Amber Spears
Co-Founder of East 5th Avenue & the Mimosa Mastermind
Glen Ledwell
Co-founder & CEO, Mind Movies
The Fight Club Mastermind
Mike Filsaime
CEO, GrooveDigital, LLC
Los Silva
Power House Brands & The Boardroom Mastermind
Drew Kossoff
7-time Inc. 5000 CEO
CEO Rainmaker Ad Ventures, Inc
Chris Guerriero
Entreprenuer, Business Advisor, Investor, Speaker, Author
Taylor Welch
Founder of Wealthcap Holdings
Co-Founder at Traffic & Funnels
Mandy McEwen
Mod Girl Marketing & Luminetics
Stefan Georgi
Copywriter with $1BN+ in Sales
Co-Founder of Copy Accelerator
Brad Hart
Founder of Make More Marbles & Market Your Course
Jon Walker
Strategic Partnership Manager Product Launch Formula
Maxwell Finn
President of Unicorn Innovations
Founders Mastermind
Jason Fladlien
CEO at Rapid Crush, Inc
Webinar Expert
James Van Elswyk
Founder of Purple Leads
Co-Founder of Symphony Agency
Joe Fier
Co-Founder of Evergreen Profits
Co-Founder of Hard Fork Gaming
Matt Wolfe
Co-Founder of Evergreen Profits
Co-Founder of Hard Fork Gaming
Tommy Patterson
Co-Founder, WKND Investments
CEO/Founder, WKND Digital
Aaron Paul
Head of Revenue, Funday Agency
Co-Founder of GMGN DAO
Liss Graham
Multi-Million Dollar Email List Management
Brad Costanzo
CEO, Costanzo Marketing Group
Host, Bacon Wrapped Business
Rich Schefren
Founder of Strategic Profits
Woody Kassin
President, Format Entertainment
Former CFO, Four Sigmatic
Ian Stanley
8-figure Copywriting Coach
Joe Shriefer
Former executive publisher at Agora Financial
David Gonzalez
Founder of Simply the Coolest AM Agency
Scott Rewick
Co-Founder of Metareward
Co-Founder of Native Path
Damon Wright
Partner at Gordon & Rees
Felicia Pagesh
Digital Marketing Consultant
Founder of Activate Branding
Mike Geary
Serial Entrepreneur and Pioneer
in the Affiliate Marketing Space
Matthew Stafford
Co-Founder of Build Grow Scale
Alex Jeffreys
Founder & CEO of Clients In Abundance
Dee Braun
Director of Operations at Peak Biome Inc
Robert Miller
CEO & Founder of Automated Retail Commerce
Thomas McMahon
Director of Partnership Development at ClickBank
Kyle Kostechka
Sr. Business Dev Manager
& Podcast Host at ClickBank
Van Oakes
Co-Founder of Tuff Ring & International Speaker
Dr. Wendy Myers
Influencer, Top 60 Wellness Podcast Host
Meet Our Web3 Mentors
Ryan Adams
Co-Founder of Bankless DAO
David Hoffman
Co-Founder of Bankless DAO
Lee Richter
Official Member at Forbes
Business Council, NFT Expert
Jeff Kaughman Jr.
Founder, Jump DAO
Scott Donnell
GravyStack & Hapbee
Renji Bijoy
Founder at Immersed
Forbes 30 Under 30
Richard Robert
Co-creator Zappos Insights & Culture Strategist at Zappos
Matthew LaCrosse
Head of Partnerships &
Board Member, Klima DAO
Co-Founder of
Krause House DAO
Jonathan Ip
Founder of Iterative Law
Kate Hancock
CEO, Women in Web3
Jack Du Rose
Founder of Colony DAO
Sean Kelly
VP of WEB3 Marketing
& Strategy at InfiniteWorld
Jon Simmons
Web3 builder
Navigator at Orca DAO
Nathan Hopkins
Co-Founder of
Uncensored Crypto
Michael Hearne
Co-Founder of
Uncensored Crypto
Jeff Macpherson
Co-Founder of The TRIP
Partner with
Lisa Buyer
Founder of Female Disruptors
CEO/Founder of The Buyer Group
John Daniels
Co-Founder of Affiliate DAO
Cole Chapman
Co-Founder of Affiliate DAO
Randall Zamcheck
Co-Founder of Affiliate DAO
6 Ways This Will Forever
Change The Game for
Affiliates, Brands, and Influencers
You might be wondering how web3 will help you grow. Here's just a start:
  • More precise tracking performance (total transparency, no fraud)
  • More immediate commission payouts (imagine never waiting for payments)
  • More ways to get paid (coins, NFTs, and more)
  • More projects to get paid on (including crypto/NFT projects)
  • More long-term growth (accumulate assets that rise in value)
  • More community collaboration and support (share insights, learn faster)
And that's only the beginning. These effects will snowball as web2 begins to die out (like all slow, outdated technology does) — and web3 takes over.
This is your opportunity to be FIRST.
The Ultimate Community For
Forward-Thinking Affiliate Marketers,
Business Owners, and Influencers
Web3 is all about collaboration... community... and shared ownership. That's a big part of what makes it so revolutionary.
It ditches the old paradigms of top-down control, competition, and hiding data — in favor of uniting people for common goals and radical transparency (via the blockchain).
In that spirit, Affiliate DAO has gathered the greatest group of web3 visionaries from a variety of industries... to share their wisdom, insights, and support each other in this transition.
By joining Affiliate DAO, you will become part of the industry's most exclusive mastermind group of legends from the affiliate marketing world.
Together, we will become THE leaders and “go-to” provider/integration for anyone wanting to use tokens, NFTs, or anything blockchain-related in affiliate marketing.
Whatever niche or industry you are in, as long as it has anything to do with affiliate marketing (which virtually all do!) — you can benefit from membership in Affiliate DAO.
How To Know If Affiliate
DAO Is Right for You
Affiliate DAO is for you IF...
  • You saw the power of web2 (user generated content and social media) and don't want to miss the rise of web3 - which should be even bigger
  • You like being on the cutting-edge of technology shifts, being first, and profiting
  • You believe that "fortune favors the bold" and are willing to take little risks for huge potential upside
  • You are an affiliate marketer or manager who wants to get ahead in the industry...
  • You are a business or offer owner who uses or benefits from affiliate market in some way...
  • You work in e-commerce and want new ways to grow your business or attract affiliates...
  • You're an influencer (in any industry) who wants new ways to collaborate and grow...
  • You're an expert or practitioner looking for additional revenue streams that don't depend on time or consulting hours...
  • Or even if you're just excited about hot crypto or NFT projects with huge potential upside...
Benefits of Affiliate DAO
Membership Pass
Lifetime Access to Exclusive Web3 Affiliate Community
Mentoring from the Top Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Web3 Leaders
First-Ever Web3 Affiliate Tracking Software with on-chain payments & tracking
Web3 Revenue Stream Education & Growth Strategies - NFTs, Social Tokens/Creator Coins, DAOs
New Web3 Traffic Sources, Partnerships & Offer Exchanges
Web2 to Web3 Business & Community Transition Tactics
Networking with Global Community Mastermind
Weekly Thought Leader Roundtables and Q&A's
All future Virtual and In-Person events
Upcoming Affiliate DAO Web3 Marketing Summit
Access to New Affiliate Markets (NFTs, Metaverse, Gaming, DeFi, Entertainment, Sports)
Full Participation in DAO's Governance Decisions
First Right to $AFLT Token
Ability to Obtain Web3 Project Funding from the DAO
Industry Alpha Early Access to Hot New Projects
Secondary Market Reseller Value
Affiliate DAO
Launch Bonuses
Membership Passes Unlock Access To:
From Idea to $57,914,510 in 226 days: Secrets from The Biggest Internet Marketing Product Launch of All Time
In this training, Jason Fladlien will break down how his company, Rapid Crush, published and partnered with Dan Hollings to set internet marketing history. He'll break down all the key strategies and tactics in a way you can put to use and prosper within your own business. This training is from a private mastermind.
Value: Attendees paid $25,000
Supercharge Your Company's Revenue with Affiliate Marketing
In this on-line course, Amber Spears and East 5th Avenue teach you everything you need to know to grow your partnership marketing channel and have steady affiliate revenue coming in month after month, year after year!
Value: $1,300
Creator Level Access to Groove.CM
Get Creator level access to a single platform built to replace your funnel builder, ecommerce platform and cart, email platform, affiliate software, website builder & blog, course & membership platform and so much more. Includes access to GrooveDigital Academy.
Value: $497/Year
TikTok Ads Masterclass
Discover exactly how TikTok is working for other brands and & how it can crush it for yours. Maxwell Finn teaches the most comprehensive and advanced TikTok ads course on the market. Make TikTok ads the biggest, most profitable ad channel for your business.
Value: $997
Imagine having your next 30 emails written by the top 30 email marketers on planet Earth…think that could improve your sales? Now this is reality: Jon Benson is gifting you a free membership inside his brand new AI email tool,, so you can whip out cash-pulling emails with a few clicks of your mouse.
Value: $1164/Year
Competition Buster Digital Course
Build Grow Scale analyzed over $400M in Shopify sales data in order to create this course to teach you how to differentiate your brand and instantly turn browsers into buyers and to scale up conversions, Average Order Value, repeat buyers and referrals.
Value: $497
Profit Fix Formula Digital Course
Generate more customers and sales from existing funnels, email lists and social media. Stefan Georgi teaches how to fix your landing pages, checkout pages, upsells, facebook ads funnels and the 6 different must-use email templates for promotions.
Value: $497
Native Ads Digital Course
Learn what's working now in native advertising and how you can monetize every click. Nothing But Native training pulls together the top native ad buyers to teach a step-by-step guide to native ads: structuring, optimizing, testing and understanding analytics.
Value: $999
Spark Certification Course by ClickBank
Clickbank has paid out over $5B in commissions and now their most successful clients teach their best strategies to make money online as an affiliate. Enjoy 1 year of all-access to over a dozen digital courses, live monthly events and a VIP community.
Value: $564
NFTs 101 Digital Course
Where should you begin with NFTs, how to master them and how to use NFTs to scale your business. Lee Richter and team teach the fundamentals of NFT technology and advanced tips to get you ahead in today's fastest growing market.
Value: $197
Physical Product Showcase Digital Course
Learn how to effectively research, source, test and SCALE your next winning physical product. Build Grow Scale shares the easy-to-follow 'Action Plan' they used to launch 153 7-figure physical products. Find out how brands are build and positioned for market domination.
Value: $197
A.I. Business Coach
Try this new A.I. biz coach and see what advice an AI-powered robot - armed with over 213+ of the world's top business growth strategies - gives you. Get a free credit to access, plus an army of online marketers competing to implement the recommended strategy for you!
Value: $99
Metaverse Masterclass
The metaverse is estimated to have a total market of up to $13trillion with 5 billion users by 2030. Learn about all aspects of the metaverse, from virtual real estate to play-to-earn gaming, from experts in the field.
Value: $95/Year
Passive Income Empire Workshop
In 2019 Taylor Welch bought his first “tangible assets” totaling about $400k. In 2020, he acquired $21 MILLION. This product contains the recordings from the first and ONLY place he's ever broken down his financial models & investment strategies.
Value: $1,500
Profit Fix Emailing
Stefan Georgi shares high converting, done for you ecommerce email templates to plug the leaky holes in your email strategy.
Value: $140
Business Scaling Training
James Van Elswyk shares his tested “secret sauce” to building successful teams and dives deep with Josh Elizetxe on how he scaled several multi-million dollar companies with a bare bones crew.
Value: $999
Master LinkedIn Outreach Bundle
Immediately build win-win relationships on LinkedIn with ease. Mandy McEwen shares her LinkedIn profile and outreach cheat sheets otherwise only available to her private clients.
Value: $100
Uncensored Crypto Docuseries
What's next for crypto? 56 industry insiders share their insights on crypto investing, blockchain and emerging technologies in this 9 episode series.
Value: $97
Total Value of Bonuses: $10,000+
So Why Affiliate DAO
and Why Now?
Our team saw how huge (sometimes 9-figure or multi-billion-dollar) crypto and NFT projects lacked affiliate tracking or compensation, which means they could have been even more successful.
And we saw countless failed projects that might have succeeded if they had been able to compensate community members as affiliates...
Then, on top of that, we saw a booming affiliate industry — that was MISSING limitless possibilities presented by blockchain, tokenization, NFTs, and more.
So we set out to do something about that.
We partnered with a leading developer of affiliate software and a top blockchain developer, to make the first-ever web3 affiliate tracking software.
But we didn't stop there. We took it one step further, creating...
How to Get Started With Affiliate DAO
Right now, we have some of the biggest names in multiple industries lined up to promote this launch. We expect to sell all of our membership pases.
If you're interested in getting one of the limited member passes, then we encourage you to get buy one now by clicking the button below.
That will give you full and exclusive access to everything Affiliate DAO has to offer.
Once we sell out, passes will eventually be available on the secondary market — but will likely be more expensive.
Why wait when you can secure your place in line — and be early on Affiliate DAO — by taking action now?
Unlock your Exclusive
Member Pass now
and become a Web 3 OG
The Affiliate DAO Membership Pass
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Ethereum Blockchain with members-only benefits
The Affiliate DAO Community
First-Ever Web3 Affiliate Software
Mentoring from Web2/Web3 Leaders
Web3 Revenue Stream Education
Weekly Roundtables & Q&As
New Traffic Sources & Markets
Networking & Offer Exchange
Virtual & In-person Events
Participation in DAO's Governance
First Right to $AFLT Token
Elite Bonuses Vault
$10,000+ in Launch Bonus Value
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